High School Rugby Camps

For more than a decade, Glendale’s Infinity Park has been a hub for high school rugby camps. During this time, the park has not only cultivated successful championship teams but has also fostered deep community ties, garnering loyal fans and supporters. With the rise of Major League Rugby, these connections are poised to grow even stronger.

Spring After School Rugby

Girls HS Rugby Camp

July 10-14, 2024. Take your rugby to the next level at one of the strongest girls camps in the country. Train with the best at Infinity Park.

Spring Youth Rugby

Boys HS Rugby Camp

August 1-4, 2024 . Take your rugby to the next level and join us for bringing back high school Boys’ H.S. Rugby Camps to Rugbytown USA.

Andie Hammon Brings New Energy To Glendale Youth Rugby

Rugby 101 sessions

June 12 + 26, July 17 + 24, 2024. This is your chance to come learn about rugby for FREE from some of the best rugby coaches in the state.

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