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Jenna Anderson Bids Farewell To Glendale

by | Oct 23, 2018 | News

Jenna Anderson
Photo by Justin Tafoya

Leaves Lasting Legacy Of Commitment To Rugby

Beginning her career in Glendale in February 2008, Jenna Anderson established a personal and professional legacy that will be long-lived in the city and the American rugby world. Beginning her more than decade-long tenure as a rugby player, Anderson was a wing on the Women’s Premier League Championship winning team in 2014, and played center in 2012, when the team were runners up to the title.

In addition to actually playing for the Glendale team, for all intents and purposes Glendale’s youth rugby programming saw its genesis with her arrival in 2008, and since then she has grown it into the immensely popular community phenomenon that it has become. Anderson has also acted as Infinity Park’s stadium emcee for years, her cheerful demeanor synonymous for fans with the inclusive, exciting nature of the sport itself.

One of Anderson’s most lasting legacies will be spearheading Glendale’s indoor winter rugby programming, which she helped the city launch in 2014. She culminated her time in Glendale in 2018 as a featured presenter at the 2018 USA Rugby National Development Summit. Hosted in Denver, the annual event drew the sport’s national supporters and facilitators, and provided Anderson the perfect platform to display her passion for furthering the game through youth participation.

Anderson, who married earlier this year, is moving from Denver to Iowa to be closer to family. Asked about transitioning away from Glendale, her farewell is heartfelt: “Leaving Colorado is bittersweet. I have loved my time here in Glendale and with the Glendale Rugby Clubs.” Always thinking of the improvement of the game, Anderson’s parting thoughts describe her dedication to rugby, and to the people of Glendale: “The city’s investment into growing the sport has made me a proud employee every single day. I’m incredibly lucky that my first real job was my dream job. I’ll miss the people the most – the kids and their families. Thank you for ten and a half wonderful years!”

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