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Rugby is all inclusive. Rugby embodies and teaches the traditional features of team spirit and camaraderie, both on and off the field of play.

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How is rugby played?
Gameplay is continuous, like soccer. A player runs the ball as far as he or she can or passes it laterally or backward. The defense attempts to stop the player with the ball by tackling him or her. Once a player is tackled he or she must release or pass the ball immediately, and play continues. Rugby’s most unique scenarios occur during group-oriented situations, like a maul (ball is held up off the ground), ruck (ball is on the ground with players bound over the ball), or scrum (restart to the game after a minor stoppage). In these situations, the rules mandate teammates must “bind”—literally come together, arms often around one another, to form a unit that is stronger than the sum of its parts.

A player can score a “try,” worth five points, if he or she touches the ball into the opponent’s “try zone,” similar to scoring a touchdown in the endzone. However, unlike American football, forward passing is forbidden: Passes can only go backwards or laterally. After a try, a team can place kick the ball through goalposts for two extra points. At any time, a player may drop-kick the ball through goalposts in the opponent’s try zone, worth three points.

Why play rugby?
Rugby is famous for its tightly knit, welcoming culture. Players of any size or physical ability are able to become an active contributor to a team. All players are allowed to run with the ball and tackle. Rugby builds confidence, determination, and allows children to become physically fit in a positive and fun environment. The camaraderie of a team is yet another advantage to this great game.

What does U14 mean?
U14 means that an athlete must be under the age of 14 as of May 1 for Spring Try League and September 1 for Fall Try League of the given calendar year in order to play.

Will my 6 year old be playing with a 14 year old?
No, definitely not. We will be breaking up the athletes into different groups depending on age, size, and ability level. We understand the different abilities of age groups and safety is paramount.

Is it safe?
Absolutely! As with any sport, injuries can occur, but the safety of every player is paramount. Among the first skills coaches will teach is how to play, tackle, and fall safely.

What qualifications do these coaches have?
USA Rugby (the national rugby association in the USA) mandates that every rugby program must have at least one certified coach present. This means that the coach has gone through specialized training, which covers rugby skills, coaching techniques, safety precautions, and overall management of programs. In addition, each coach is also required to pass a background check through the City of Glendale. In addition, each coach is responsible for a small group to ensure constant supervision and attention.

What can rugby do for my child?
Rugby is all inclusive. Rugby embodies and teaches the traditional features of team spirit and camaraderie, both on and off the field of play. It welcomes players of all races, sizes, creeds, and social and political backgrounds. Rugby encourages fitness through participation. It develops character and self discipline through teamwork and challenge. Rugby is exciting and challenging to play. It incorporates a variety of individual and team skills that allow the development of decision making and leadership. Rugby is international, with opportunities for travel at all age levels. The rugby community throughout the world is similar to a big family and traveling is a special treat when you meet up with fellow rugby players overseas. Especially in Glendale, rugby embodies a family culture.

What do I need to play rugby?
An open mind to try new things. You will need boots (cleats), shorts, shirt and a mouth piece.

Play Youth Rugby in Denver
Play Youth Rugby in Denver
Play Youth Rugby in Denver

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