Girls rugby players in the Denver Metro area are invited to join the Glendale Girls’ All-State High School Rugby Team. The team is a competitive 15s side that plays and travels to tournaments and matches against other quality high school competition.

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Glendale Girls HS Rugby Team

Rugby players from around the state are invited to play with Glendale’s competitive girls’ 15s travel squad. Rugby is played in 2 different codes – 7s and 15s.  7s is the fast-flowing Olympic sport, while 15s is the longer, more physical iteration.  While 7s is already offered throughout Colorado for high schools for girls, there are limited options to have meaningful season-long competition in 15s. So we here at Glendale are leading the charge by kicking off a new spring season 15s option.  If you are interested in learning more and getting involved with Glendale High School girls rugby, contact us ASAP!

  • Glendale HS Head Coach – Madison Slaught 
  • Glendale HS Asst Coach – Andie Hammon
Glendale Girls HS Rugby Team

Grades 9-12th




Infinity Park

Glendale, CO

Skill Levels


What you need to know

GLENDALE 15s Program

Who we are

The Glendale High School Girls’ 15s team is geared towards increasing players’ skills, knowledge, and team-play to allow them to compete against other top clubs around the country. The goal is to provide players the opportunity to challenge themselves, increase their playing acumen, and heighten their skills. The team is open to rugby players from around the state of Colorado.


 We expect you to come to trainings and games ready to play!  Come with a willingness to learn, put your best effort in, and be a good teammate. This is a commitment to being a part of the team, attending trainings, and being available for games.  We know circumstances will come up that impact availability, but we are expect an overall commitment.



  • You will get world class coaching from the Glendale Girls’ Coaching Staff, who are both highly qualified and trained coaches, as well as accomplished players.
  • Opportunities to play in matches and national tournaments against top competition.
  • The chance to be seen by College and USA National team scouts, as well as support pursuing those opportunities.
  • Individual player development profiles to continue your growth 


Training schedule will alternate between 2 evenings a week and 1 weeknight and 1 weekend day.

  • Tu/Th 5:15-6:45pm

Location: Infinity Park Turf Field*

*The plan is to explore alternative training locations in the later spring once the weather is more consistent to not have players always have to come to Glendale.


Program Dues are $200 for the season, which helps to offset costs for athletic trainers, uniforms, tournament fees, etc. 

There will also be travel costs associated with going to out-of-state tournaments that will be the responsibility of the individual player.  We will work as a management team to identify cost-saving measures for travel opportunities.

 Rugby is a sport for all, so no player will be turned away for financial reasons. If you need financial assistance (for dues or anticipated travel) please reach out to the program director, Jamie Burke at

In addition to dues, all players must be registered with USA Rugby. This cost is $35 for the year. If you played 7s in the fall, then you should already be registered and will not need to do it again. We can transfer that registration to Glendale for the spring season! For all others, please visit to get registered. 


The match schedule is a work in progress and will be updated as dates and games/tournaments are confirmed.



**If you are interested in scheduling matches with the club, please contact Jamie Burke at



If you are interested in opportunities to support the program through general operating donations or player scholarships, please reach out!  All donations to the Glendale Youth Rugby Foundation are tax deductible.


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