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Each child will need a uniform for game days. The uniform consists of jersey, black shorts, and black socks. Once a player has their jersey, they will not need to purchase another one until they outgrow it or move up from Flag to Tackle. If you already have black athletic socks and black rugby shorts that you would like to use, you are welcome to do so. PLEASE NOTE: *GYR has a new jersey design as of May 2023. This means that, unless you played in Spring 2023, you will need to purchase a new jersey.


Payment for uniforms pieces is separate from registration payments. Pricing is below. You will be redirected to a payment link upon submission of this form, as well as receive an email with the payment link. 

  • Tackle Jersey: $55
  • Flag Jersey (U8): $25
  • Shorts: $25 & Socks: $5

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